Evaluation Day

Our clinicians and staff look forward to meeting you. We realize this type of evaluation (Functional Capacity Evaluation or Cost of Care Assessment) may be unfamiliar to you and the following information is provided to help prepare you for your time with us. If you have further questions after reading this material please call our central office line and our staff or the particular clinician assigned to your file will be happy to assist you.

Location and Length of Your Assessment

We provide a letter to all clients outlining the location, date and start time, anticipated length of their assessment, and helpful instructions. If you have not received this letter from your legal counsel or case manager please call us. You can locate our clinics and source particular information regarding directions and parking via this website using the “Contact Us” button at the top menu bar and then selecting a particular clinic name.

Our assessment durations are customized and flexible to provide the clinician ample time to understand your functional abilities and limitations. Typically, assessment durations are approximately 8 hours for the first day and up to 4 hours for the second day if a second assessment day has been scheduled in your particular case. During this time the therapist will interview you, perform a musculoskeletal examination, conduct various standardized functional tests, and quite likely include some form of work simulation or activity of daily living tasks for you to perform.

What to Wear

We suggest you wear casual comfortable clothing with footwear appropriate to either your job (safety boots) or performance of functional activities (flats rather than heels). Please bring appropriate clothing for a musculoskeletal examination (ie aerobics bra/tank top/t-shirt/shorts). If your job requires specialized clothing please bring such with you.

What to Bring

All our clinics have restaurants in close proximity (5 minute walk). However, we have amenities to enable you to bring a packed lunch. We provide water, tea, and coffee at breaks. We suggest you bring splints, braces, visual aids (glasses etc) or mobility aids (canes etc) that you regularly use. As well, if you have your own tools and safety equipment and they are commonly portable please bring these as well. It is helpful if you bring a list of your regular medication as the therapist will review this with you. If you are taking medication regularly we suggest you bring and use your regular dosages during your assessment day. We include a 30 minute lunch break and often two 15 minute rest/coffee breaks in the day. Some clients have a friend or family member drive them to the appointment but please be aware they will not be able to stay with you during the evaluation.


Our assessments require booking an entire workday for the therapist as well as additional time spent to prepare for the evaluation and complete the anticipated report. As such we invoice expensive cancellation fees. Our cancellation policy is outlined in our letters to clients and their fee payers. We require notification of cancellation 10 business days in advance of the appointment to avoid cancellation fees. Please note you will be asked to sign both a release of information document and an informed consent document before commencement of the evaluation.