Nicole Sutherland MOT, CWCE/CFCE

Registered Occupational Therapist

Much of Nicole’s work and expertise surrounds the area of vocational rehabilitation. Nicole has extensive experience working with TBI clients individually and as part of an interdisciplinary treatment team, having worked within Community Brain Injury Services (CBIS) and Back in Motion’s Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services (HIATS) program. Prior to working in HIATS, Nicole was involved in various occupational rehabilitation programs and assessments, including Occupational Rehabilitation 2, Custom Assessment and Rehabilitation Services, Return to Work Support Services (RTWSS), and Activity Related Soft Tissue Disorder (ASTD).

Nicole thoroughly enjoys providing Community Occupational Therapy services. She also loves completing cognitive assessment on clients and/or providing such clientele with Occupational Therapy Services to assist with identified performance issues (ADLs, IADLs).

Nicole is interested in health and fitness. She runs and bikes regularly, and loves skiing and hiking.  Family is very important to her.


  • Master in Occupational Therapy, University of British Columbia, 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia, 2006
  • Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator – Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification & Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification (Roy Matheson & Associates)

Current Practice Areas

  • Community Occupational Therapy Services
  • Brain Injury Services
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) & Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations (CFCE)
  • Return to Work Support Services (RTWSS) – Job Site Visits (JSV); graduated return to work planning, implementation, and monitoring &/or return to work support
  • Job/Physical Demands Analyses (JDA/PDA)
  • Risk Factor Analyses (RFA)
  • Ergonomic analyses
  • Work Simulation Assessments
  • Functional Safety Assessments (FSA)
  • Subcontractor for Back in Motion’s HIATS program

Professional Memberships

  • The College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia
  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
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Re: Function is reliable, professional, thorough and provides balanced opinions. Feedback from our customers on the quality of reporting has been favourable and we continue to rely on them for assessments. — Director of Operations