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Abigail Navarra
Quotation mark blue I am so glad that WSBC referred me to a Consultant for further assessment of my situation.  I attempted to go back to work numerous times but I felt that I did not get the proper support.  I felt the pressure from work and WSBC that I should be back to normal already, etc.  I then re-injured myself during my GRTW and was still off work for 3 months and was not being cleared by my doctor.  I was on muscle and pain medications on a daily basis.  I ended taking anxiety medications already.  I remember receiving that phone call from Rose Igonia at Re:Function Health Group for my Return to Work support from a workplace injury and feeling that a huge load was taken off my shoulder.  It was a great relief to have someone listen to me and willing to work with me to assist me in getting back to work.  She was very compassionate, knowledgeable, attentive to my issues and needs, and her attention to detail was amazing, very professional and a great communicator.  I now know that I have someone who actually listens to me and understands my physical issues and limitations.  She has been an advocate for my health and safety with my return to work. I am happy to say that it’s been  2 weeks since I started my GRTW and so far so good.  Rose continues to follow up with me on a weekly basis, tweaking my GRTW tasks if need be, making sure that I am still on the right path.  Thank you Rose for being my advocate! Quotation mark blue
Quotation mark blue Everyone I met was so nice and helpful! I was pretty nervous when we started, but using a lot of games and challenges made the days fun and interesting. The structure was well thought out and explained. With simulations of the work environment, I now feel confident in going forward in my career goals. Quotation mark blue
Trisha Hunt
Quotation mark blue We have been working with the team at Re:Function Health Group for many years.  Not only are they efficient and thorough, they truly care about their clients and make working them with them a dream! I highly recommend them. Quotation mark blue

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