Community Rehabilitation Services

The Community Rehabilitation team can assist clients with physical and cognitive disabilities with the following:

      • Determining equipment and/or care giving needs upon discharge home from hospital
      • Providing adaptive and/or ergonomic equipment prescription
      • Conducting Elder Care Assessments, examining changing needs for care giver assistance or equipment
      • Composing justification letters for third party insurance funding requirements
      • Developing pre-vocational reconditioning programs, either in one of our clinics or in the community using close to home fitness facilities
      • Administering cognitive assessments and developing effective treatment plans


      Treatment focus will be on functional activation and restoration using engagement in meaningful activities (domestic, exercise, work simulation) at home, in the community, or in our clinics.  Our therapists can liaise with existing treatment providers (physicians, psychologists, physical therapists) as necessary to provide optimal care.

      Treatment programs will be implemented by Occupational Therapists, or by Kinesiologists under Occupational Therapist supervision/guidance.

      Return to work support services (job site visits, graduated return to work planning, negotiation, and supervision) are available for clients who are job attached.

For the past five years I have consistently chosen Re: Function as my FCE provider of choice. They are a highly professional organization that provides clear, comprehensive reports with quick turn around times.

— Disability Management Consultant